Cobb On The Go Recipe Book

Cobb-On-The-Go 79 page hard cover recipe book written by Chef David Greer. This hard back cook book has the latest recipes and tips to keep your imagination running for months and...

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Sausage Fattie Recipe

Cap and core a jalapeno pepper   Slice pepper into small strips Take 1 pound roll of sausage. Slice open wrapper.   Slice a small wedge(approx. 1/2 thick) of cream cheese. Remove sausage from wrapper. Make a small trough inside the sausage roll. Place half of the sliced jalapenos in the middle followed by the wedge of cream cheese. Place remaining jalapenos on top of cream cheese. Squeeze the top of the sausage roll closed. Make sure that none of the stuffing is sticking thru the sausage(or visible). Roll sausage side to side to ensure trough is sealed. Liberally apply John Henry’s Sugar Maple Rub or Sugar Maple Hot Rub. Allow rub to melt...

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Spatchcock chicken

Cut along each side of backbone with shears. Remove backbone. Rinse inside and outside of chicken with water. Pat dry with paper towel. Rub EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to inside of chicken. Rub EVOO on the outside of chicken. Fold the wings to the inside. Chicken is ready for rub. Apply run liberally to inside of chicken. Apply rub to outside of chicken. Place chicken on a preheated Cobb Grill using the cooking surface and fenced rack. For larger chickens and windy days, extra charcoal may need to be added after an hour of so of cooking. Remove chicken from grill when internal breast temperature reaches 160-165 degrees and internal thigh temperature reaches 180-185 degrees. A 2.5 to...

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