How to start a fire in the Cobb Grill

Fill charcoal basket with 8-12 charcoal briquettes or natural lump charcoal. No lighter fluid or match light. Place and light fire starter in bottom of grill. Place basket over fire starter. Pour beer or other liquid into moat (keep liquid level below the inside seem). This step is optional! After approx. 15 minutes, place cooking surface (wok, frying pan, or griddle) on the base. Immediately place lid on the grill and let grill preheat for approx. 5 minutes.    ...

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How to repack the Cobb Grill Kitchen in a Box

Place Griddle upside down in bottom of bag. Place base into bag. Place moat inside the base. Place dome extender on the base. Place lid(upside down) into the dome extender. Place fenced rack, chicken stand, and lifter inside the lid. Place cooking surface on the lid. Place frying pan(upside down) on the cooking surface. Place wok(upside down) on the frying pan. Pull top of bag closed. Pull zipper closed.                                        ...

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